5 Things You Want to Buy From Quinn’s Mercantile in Murfreesboro, TN

5 Things You Want to Buy From Quinn's Mercantile in Murfreesboro, TN

Jonathan: Hey, friends. So this is a new feature to our newsletter and it is who should you know? Right? It’s not about what you know. Sometimes it’s about who you know. So if you want to be popular in Rutherford County, you’ve got to know about Quinn’s Mercantile. This is the best gift shop […]

Rutherford County History – Jesse Beasley House

https://youtu.be/U8Nf3N93_Do Hey everyone. Today’s history lesson, we’re going to talk about local artist, Jessee C. Beasley. Jessee Beasley is the namesake of the Beasley animal foundation which many of you may be familiar with here in Rutherford County. Jessee was born in Murfreesboro, grew up on main street, had a very influential family here in […]

Is Now the Right Time to Sell My House?

https://youtu.be/MN44kDmmAuA Jonathan:All right, Brett. So, in the past we’ve talked about should I buy, is this the right time to buy a home? And now let’s flip that question and say, okay, should I sell? Brett:That’s right. Jonathan:Well, that to me is an even more complicated answer. Brett:I think that’s way more complicated than the […]

Middle TN Real Estate Market Update – August 2021

Jonathan: (00:01)Hello everybody. It’s Jonathan Harmon with a J Harmon Home Team powered by Keller Williams with your August Market Update. So we’re lagging behind about a month, but they’re at least complete numbers for the month of August. And I got to tell you, this has been the screwy just craziest August, and I […]

How to Stack Pyrex Cinderella Bowls

How to Stack Pyrex Cinderella Bowls

Hey, it’s Rachel, the J Harmon home team’s, resident, grandmother, and today on the new old fashioned way, I’m going to show you how to stack some Pyrex. My grandmother back in the eighties and nineties was in having yard sales hunter. She would go to all of these yard sales. She actually used to […]

Team Stats – October Update

Market Update - October Team Stats

Jonathan: Hey everybody, so we’re going to give a quick update on how the J Harmon Home Team is doing year to date. You just want to know if your chosen realtors, if your favorite realtors in the whole wide world are actually having a good year or not, then we’re going to tell you […]

A Minute or 2 with Jeff About Fall Break

A Minute or 2 with Jeff October

Jeff: Hey, welcome. Welcome to A Minute or Two with Jeff. And once again, I’m Jeff. Today, we are going to talk about fall break. I know, I know, I know, but just hear me out, hear me out. Fall break can be a fun time and a way to recharge your home. That includes […]

Bonsai Tree Care with Rabeeh Elassal

Bonsai Tree Care with Rabeeh Elassal

https://youtu.be/Tmt-NWQkipE Rabeeh Elassal: Hey, everybody. This is Rabeeh Elassal with the J. Harmon Home Team. I am briefly going to touch on a hobby of mine that I’ve been doing for quite some time. And it is bonsai trees, quite literally means tree in a shallow container, bonsai are two words that are Japanese and […]

Taylore Your Home – October Decorating Tips

Taylore Your Home - October Decorating Tips

Hey guys, it’s Taylore. I’m here to talk about decorating for the fall, for the month of October. So one thing I’ve been wanting to do for my back door is I’ve been wanting to get like some kind of a fall plaque or a wreath something like that just to brighten up the space. […]

July 2021 Market Insights

Middle TN July Market Insights

Oh this market. There are as many opinions on it as there are buyers. There is as much “truth” available as there is houses. Here’s one thing we know for sure, it is volatile. After weeks and weeks of crazy weekends and ridiculous numbers of offers on every single home, Memorial day brought us a […]