July 2021 Market Insights

Middle TN July Market Insights

Oh this market. There are as many opinions on it as there are buyers. There is as much “truth” available as there is houses. Here’s one thing we know for sure, it is volatile. After weeks and weeks of crazy weekends and ridiculous numbers of offers on every single home, Memorial day brought us a […]

Trend Alert: Bandana Summer Decor

Summer Trend: Bandana Home Decor

It’s summer time and who doesn’t love a nice festive outdoor space to enjoy the summer events with your friends and family?! I have a few decorating tips and crafts to surely make everyone feel the season! Now that everyone will be outside to enjoy the weather, make sure to clean off all your outdoor […]

J Harmon Home Team | 3 Steps to Sold

Have you been frustrated by agents who: Don’t communicate with you?Make big promises but don’t deliver?Think “list it on the MLS” is effective marketing?Aren’t in any hurry to help you reach your goals? In today’s market, you need a GUIDE who can take you across the finish line to a sold house in just three […]

Top 5 Reasons it is A GOOD Idea to Sell Right Now

Top 5 Reasons it is A GOOD Idea to Sell Right Now

Last Month we discussed the reasons RIGHT now is a great time to buy a home. This month, we will approach the same topic from the perspective of a seller. 1) Tremendous EquityWith the market conditions of the past several years, your home has appreciated rapidly. If you bought 3 or more years ago, you […]

Timeless Adventures – Camping, The Future of Travel

Camping, The Future of Travel

Spring is here and camping season is upon us! The great outdoors are an iconic way to spend time with family and reconnect with nature. During the pandemic, RV sales skyrocketed as families were looking for safe ways to travel. 48,286 campers were delivered to new owners across the country in February 2021, a 30.1% […]