March Teacher of the Month: Michelle Curtis

J. Harmon Home Team would like to congratulate Mrs. Michelle Curtis on being awarded our March Teacher of the Month. Her nomination reads: I would like to nominate Mrs. Michelle Curtis for the outstanding teacher award. She teaches 6th grade math at Eagleville School, and she works tirelessly to engage children in relevant math instruction. […]

Importance of Referrals

J. Harmon Home Team

There’s an old saying that people buy people before they buy _____ (I would say Real Estate in this blank). In sales, more often than not, your job is not just to sell the product or service, but to sell yourself. Convince people that you are the best person for a job. That your product […]

What is “normal”?

J. Harmon Home Team

Normal is such a nebulous word. What does it even mean? Whose normal are we talking about? In real estate, this word is thrown around all the time and quite frankly, it is nearly meaningless. “Normal” is so fact dependent and unique for situations it is almost impossible to define. Here is what I know, […]

They’re Back

J. Harmon Home Team

As the market normalizes, here are a few things we need to revisit. Folks tend to have short memories and these things were practically gone for the past couple years.  1) Home Sale Contingencies–Never has been the most welcome part of a contract but for the past couple years, they’ve been next to impossible to […]

Unsolicited Real Estate Update

J. Harmon Home Team

Interesting when you look at the numbers. What does this mean to you? Houses are still selling. Houses are not losing value overall. There are fewer sales overall, but prices are still high. If you are thinking of selling, this is a great time, but it might be different than the stories your friends told […]

Diving Into the Numbers

J. Harmon Home Team

This week’s email will be lots of numbers and commentary on the numbers. It is definitely interesting to dive into how the market feels and what the numerical snapshot is. It feels like we’ve hit a wall. My favorite analogy is of a moving sidewalk at the airport. If you’ve ever gotten on one and walked on it, […]

New Construction Buyer Agent?? Why? I’ll Just Talk to the Nice On-Site Agent.

J. Harmon Home Team

Long title for this email but a SERIOUS question. I’ll show you below that new construction sales are BOOMING right now. Much more so than resale homes. Builders are building, developments are coming online, and people are flocking to neighborhoods from all over the place. One thing that happens very, very often is that buyers […]

Life and the Market

J. Harmon Home Team

This market is very interesting. Days on market continues to climb. Inventory levels keep going up. Townhomes feel the pressure more than single family. Prices are actually starting to go down just a hair (on townhomes). But again, it is eating into the growth that we had this year. This year will still see a net […]

Questions and Answers with a Lender

There are many facets to a real estate transaction. One of the most important choices you will make is who will handle your loan. When picking a lender, local is always best. A wise meme once said “Friends don’t let friends get mortgages from rockets,” (a nice slam at Rocket Mortgage) and a good real […]

Middle Tennessee Market Updates – October

A lot has happened in the market and we want to share it with you! The J Harmon Home Team serves a wide range of towns and counties in Middle Tennessee. If you’re looking to move to Tennessee, check out each of them to hear what is happening in the different sections of Middle Tennessee. […]