What are YOU good at?

Simple question. What are YOU good at? Not what is your family good at, not what you want to be good at. Not what people tell you you are good at. Not even what you enjoy the most. Not even what you are good at that is beneficial. What are you good at? 

I am good at making people feel welcome. I am good at getting many tasks done in a short period of time. I am good at talking. I am good at music trivia. I am great at relating almost anything you say to a song. I am good at finding out your pain points and working toward a solution. I am good at starting things. I am good at justifying things. I am good at procrastinating and wasting time (I think this is how I got good at doing many tasks in a short period). I am pretty good at driving.

I think it is important to take inventory sometimes of the things we are good at. What are our strengths. One theory is that we identify our strengths and try to build up our weaknesses. Another theory is that we should build up our strengths and outsource our weaknesses. That the effort spent on trying to build our weaknesses is far greater than the effort we would spend on adding to our strengths and yields far less positive result. I like the second theory better. I think that is what we hope to find in a spouse or life partner. I think that is the crux of Paul Abdul’s “Opposites Attract”. I just wonder how we figure out that harmony without killing each other sometimes!!!

Anyway, my challenge to you today is to take a minute and type out what you are good at. Send it to me if you are so inclined. Its good to breathe that out and remember that you are good. You are good at things. You are valuable.

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