TL Trophies and Collectibles

As you all know, we honor a special teacher and an everyday hero each month. We do this for several reasons. One, we like knowing who is making a difference in our community and sharing that with more people. Two, we know that, most of the time, that person is not recognized as much as they should be. What you may not know is that each recipient gets a really great gift basket chock full of stuff. One of my favorite things they get is a stainless steel cup
engraved by our friends at TL Trophies and Collectibles. I got to know Chuck a few years ago when I wanted an OUTRAGEOUSLY big trophy for the kickball tournament at Thurman Francis. He loved the idea and knocked it out of the park for us. I’ve maintained that friendship since then and he has done several smaller jobs for me. He always does a great job and does it fast and reasonably. He’s a genuinely good guy and has grown to be someone I’d call friend. Chuck got into the trophy business and started TL Trophies in May 2011. He has done work for the Tennessee National Guard and almost all of the schools in Rutherford County and runs his business by the simple philosophy “treat people well.” Since Covid hit, he has had to shift by doing sublimated masks and has added more promotional products (pens, cups, etc.) to his business. Those have been great as places open back up and give items to customers and employees alike. He also has a great selection of 615 and Murfreesboro clothing.

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