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Spring is here and camping season is upon us! The great outdoors are an iconic way to spend time with family and reconnect with nature. During the pandemic, RV sales skyrocketed as families were looking for safe ways to travel. 48,286 campers were delivered to new owners across the country in February 2021, a 30.1% increase in sales over February 2020.* Wow!

Even with gas considered, camping can save a family of four 21-64% per vacation.* Not only do you save money, but the sky’s the limit on where you can affordably go. Plus, you’ve got your own, specially configured and sanitary space following you along the way.

KOA did a special 2020 report detailing the latest camping trends. Camping isn’t just for the primitive, survival loving adventurer anymore – with the comforts RV’s provide and the novelty of ‘glamping,’ you’ll find many different ways to enjoy the outdoors without needing to know how to kill a squirrel and forage for mushrooms (although that may make a good soup? Let me know.). KOA determined that people are looking for the following when setting out on their great adventure:

If you are looking to try out camping as a way to step back into travel, here are a few tips to get you started:
1. Start small. Find a friend who’d be willing to share their RV/camping equipment or source a rental to give it a try before investing in the whole set up. In addition, you do not need to pack your whole house. Each trip we take, we lighten our load physically and mentally making each one more enjoyable than the last.

2. Relax! There are a lot of things that will naturally go ‘right’ and there will always be things that need adjusting. Don’t stress, breath in the fresh air and hop over to Walmart if you forgot something. Most mistakes make for great future campfire stories.

3. Stay local. There are a ton of local state and private parks that will get you familiar with set up and give you an opportunity to learn your travel routine. If you’re not sure where to go, here are a few options to spark your search:

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort – Townsend, TN

Cages Bend Campground – Gallatin, TN

Bigfoot RV Park & Campground – Tracy City, TN

Henry Horton State Park – Chapel Hill, TN 

*RV Industry Association

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