We’ve got class!

J. Harmon Home Team 2023 Class and Event Registration Link. Events:  Dec. 10 Murfreesboro Christmas Parade Watch Party (The Lively House from 12:00-3:00) Please stay tuned to our social media. FB/IG/YT @jharmonhometeam  Past Classes:/Events: Sept. 18 Follow-up panel on Real Estate 2022…What in the World Happened? (CGB 6-8 PM @ 906 Ridgely Rd.) Register now for […]

November Teacher of the Month: Rontrell Callahan

J. Harmon Home Team would like to congratulate Rontrell Callahan on being awarded our November Teacher of the Month award. His nomination reads: Mr. Callahan is the most invested teacher I have ever met. He loves his students has a great relationship with all of them. He devotes almost all of his time (evenings and weekend practices/competitions) to band […]

Peace in the Quiet

So, my kids are all away at camp this week and next. It’s a funny feeling this morning as I sit at my desk in the home office and I don’t hear anything. The dogs are asleep. The kids are gone. Lici is at her office. It’s very quiet. Usually, when I work from home, […]

Monday Email

J. Harmon Home Team

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your 2022 ended well and you are already off to a great start for 2023. We are going to spend a few minutes recapping 2022 in real estate and some current numbers. I’ll finish this email with a recommendation for proceeding this year if it is in your cards. […]

June 2021 – GMa

“I would like to nominate a lady for the home town hero.  Her name is Revondia Crutchfield, otherwise known is GMa. The reason I want to nominate her is she is an angel to those around her.  [She is raising her two grandsons.] GMa always makes sure they have what they need and want. … GMa is also caring […]