Peace in the Quiet

So, my kids are all away at camp this week and next. It’s a funny feeling this morning as I sit at my desk in the home office and I don’t hear anything. The dogs are asleep. The kids are gone. Lici is at her office. It’s very quiet. Usually, when I work from home, especially in the summer, it is chaos. 4 kids and three dogs mean constant noise. I ask them to be quiet so I can concentrate and focus. Now, in the quiet, I find that it is also hard to focus. I miss them. I enjoy and feed off of their energy. Their spirit. I get stuff done because I am constantly reminded why I work–for them and for my wife. I get stuff done in little moments of quiet when I can and I embrace the loud because I know it won’t last forever. 

It’s a fine balance. How do you embrace the loud when you need the quiet? I think the key is to find peace in the quiet and let the loud make the quiet all the more special. Like riding through rapids. Love the thrill of the class 4s but relish the break that the slow water gives you. Use the quiet and ride it out in order to prepare for the next loud. I guess, don’t squander the quiets. Enjoy them and use them just as much as you want to grab the louds and make memories. And be careful about ending the louds prematurely. Soon all you may have is quiets.

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