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J. Harmon Home Team 2023 Class and Event Registration Link.


Dec. 10 Murfreesboro Christmas Parade Watch Party (The Lively House from 12:00-3:00)

Please stay tuned to our social media. FB/IG/YT @jharmonhometeam 

Past Classes:/Events:

Sept. 18 Follow-up panel on Real Estate 2022…What in the World Happened? (CGB 6-8 PM @ 906 Ridgely Rd.) Register now for this Monday’s panel!

Oct. 2 (CANCELLED) Tax Preparedness and Real Estate Investing (CGB 6-8 PM @ 906 Ridgely Rd.)

Oct. 22 Pumpkin Carving Party (Register for details.)

Nov. 6 Pitch Practice and First Impressions with Hope Warfel