August 2020

Market Update

Ah August. The hottest month of the year. The month when kids go back to school and almost no real estate business happens, right? Well, not this year!! 2020 has thrown a wrench in almost all conventional wisdom. Historically, August has always been the slowest month. This year, August has been crazy! I tell people that COVID-19 has effectively flattened our curve. Where we normally see a spike in April/May, we didn’t. Instead, it has been a steady increase in activity each month. It will be very interesting to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for us!

Right now, we’re thinking through what the market would like like without COVID-19. I know what a ‘normal’ market looks like. Our markets are seasonal and predictable. This year, it has not followed the same curve. April had 632 (that is when we really first locked down with any meaningful effort). May had 838, June had 929, July 947, and August has had almost 800 so far. Instead of our normal pattern, each month beats the previous. There is lots of speculation on why this new curve is emerging, what impacts it, and how much longer COVID-19 will impact the housing marketing. I’m sure we will find out more in the coming months.

J Harmon Home Team News

  • This August was the busiest in JHHT history. COVID truly flattened the curve for us this year!
  • Jonathan is adding two more rental properties to the market in the next 6 weeks. If you know anyone looking close to MTSU, let him know!
  • Jonathan’s son, Jonas, started fall baseball
  • JHHT hired a new intern! Malishia Smith is a senior at MTSU and has an interest in real estate investing! She will be helping with admin and marketing tasks

Most Important Things to Think About in an OFfer, Besides Price!

  • Buying Too Much or Too Little
  • Unrealistic Market or Shopping Expectations
  • Not Considering Resale
  • Missing Defects – Being Seduced by the Lipstick on the Pig
  • Poor Negotiation – Assuming Every Price is NEgotiable and Losing Walk Away Power

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August Trends:

In this month’s article we give you some gardening tips for moving into fall, like applying herbicides, collecting seeds, planting mums, and more! Our recipe of the month is Instapot Chicken Burrito Bowls – something quick and easy, but with tons of flavor! Perfect for transitioning to fall and great for cooking novices. For home decorating in August, make sure you’re not going too overboard on the fall decorations just yet. Try using things like white pumpkins, dried wheat arrangements, and soft greenery. These things will be sure to give that cozy fall feeling without jumping the gun on the Halloween decor 🙂

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