Rutherford County Library System Foundation

The Rutherford County Library Foundation was created in 2001 as a means to fund long-term projects beyond the cope of budget dollars provided by city & county dollars. Its goals are to enhance library services and the overall experience of users. As our county continues to grow, the outlying communities such as Eagleville, Rockvale, and Buchanan will need access to the vast resources of the library system. Since its conception, the Foundation has been able to fund the bookmobile and projects such as the Technology Engagement Center. Robert Lasseter, former editor of the Rutherford Courier, wrote in January of 1942, “It is a sad commentary that a city of schools such as Murfreesboro, a city supposedly of education, knowledge, culture, and breeding should have no public library.” His words prompted Henry Linebaugh to donate $5,000 toward the creation of a public library. To further the efforts of these men to expand the outreach of the library system today, the Foundation will embark on its first ever event to raise funds. Most of you may be asking what relevance does a library have in today’s digital world and why should
we continue to support it. In the internet age, it may have been a while since you picked up a physical book. With that in mind, today’s library offers 10’s of thousands of digital books at far less cost than purchasing from an online retailer. Branch locations also provide internet access for families without that luxury at home. You can also utilize technology-ready meeting rooms, presentation space, recording studio space, or 3D printing capabilities at the TEC. It may not be a matter of relevance, but a matter of unknown capabilities as to how the library of today can fit in to your life. The inaugural event is themed ‘A Lively Evening on Main’ and will be hosted at the home of our very own, Jonathan Harmon on May 1st from 6-10pm. There is a little playing of words in this title as the home was built for Lee Lively, a prominent photographer of the early 1900’s. It will certainly be a lively evening as the annual Jazz Festival will also be taking place just down the street on the historic square. I can think of now better way to enjoy a spring evening than supporting a worthy cause and soaking up splendid music. If you would like to attend the event, tickets are $60 and include your dinner, drinks, and entertainment. You may purchase those by visiting You may also sponsor the event to promote your business! Come join us for a lively evening

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