October 2020 – Coach Robert Crutcher

Coach Robert Crutcher is the JHHT Hero of the Month for October, 2020

Friends, meet our newest friend, Coach Robert Crutcher of Club Knockout FOP.

Coach Robert is the JHHT Hero of the Month for October. Over the past couple days I’ve gotten to know him a little and I’ll tell ya, he absolutely embodies what we are looking for in an everyday hero. He is selfless, service minded and energetic. He is also the first to tell you he has made a lot of mistakes in life but learned from each one of them. I couldn’t be more pleased to honor someone than I am to recognize this man. He is truly making a difference in many, many young lives. And maybe even in some old guys lives, like mine.

BTW, if you need to park some extra money somewhere, they are having a chili supper next week and could really use your support. Visit their FB page for more info.

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