Common Misconceptions

  1. Make the decisions for you–my job is to present the best information possible and as many possible outcomes as possible and the nuances of all of those and help you arrive at the best decision for you, your family and your situation.
  2. Just open a door–So many people think that this job has become antiquated. They find the house themselves online and all we do is open the door and fill in the blanks on a prewritten contract. Then we show up at the end and get a big check. Unfortunately, there are likely some agents that have made this practice. What they miss from a great agent is hundreds upon hundreds of other transactions that give us the words and experience to know exactly what to put in those blanks. They miss the guidance as it is usually subtle. They miss the chess game going on in the agents’ heads. They miss the connections made with community members, contractors, other agents, service providers, etc. that ultimately get the deal done and get them in a home they love. They miss the time spent previewing, looking at hundreds of listings online, reading articles about trends, rates, upcoming big events that will change the landscape. The late and early hours taking phone calls to help someone with their biggest life decision. The don’t see the family time interrupted, the ball games missed, etc. They don’t see the time invested in inexperienced agents with no repayment except that that agent will be better. A great agent does so much more than open a door.
  3. Keep that big check on the settlement statement– That check gets cut up in so many ways. For me, some goes to Keller Williams, some goes to my assistant, some goes to my team to host events and pay for business expenses, some goes to Uncle Sam. Some has to be saved because some months are pretty lean. Bottom line, that big number gets at least cut in half. Sometimes more than that. 
  4. Give you as much time as you need–Sometimes, time is of the essence. I will tell you that. Other times, it is not and I will tell you that. I will never pressure you though. 
  5. Fight to the death for you–I will always, always fight for you. Even if I disagree with you. Even if I know we are wrong. If that is the stance you want, I will take it and figure out the best way to fight it. 
  6. Eat, breathe and sleep this stuff–I dream about transactions. I replay negotiation conversations in my head. I discuss and analyze things with my wife (she is brilliant, btw) and hear her perspective on how I could have said something better. I don’t let things go. 
  7. Use the resources to the best of my ability–I get about 60 emails a day that are just listings. I am constantly reviewing my list of potential clients. I let you know if I see something you will like. I also rely on you to do the same. I am looking for 20 or so people at any given time, you are looking for you and are making things fit in your mind that I might miss because of the parameters we set together.
  8. Give away information and time–I meet with ALL kinds of people and give them my knowledge and time with little to no expectation of return. I can’t tell you how many people have taken my advice and used it with another agent. It happens. I won’t stop sharing though. Congrats to those agents that benefitted from me having a convo with your people. 
  9. Participate in my community–With the money I earn and the time I have, I am always reinvesting into our community. I love where I live and I love the people that share it with me. 

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