Baby Steps

The last few weeks, we have had a few errors in our emails. Instead of clogging up your inbox, we have just corrected things and sent them the following Monday. We appreciate your grace as we train my new assistant, Missy Lay. Feel free to give her a hard time if you know her, but we appreciate your continued support.

Why is it so hard for me to take baby steps? I am always diving head first into stuff. I always expect to have immediate results and get disappointed, sometimes to the point of quitting altogether, if I don’t see something happen fast. I understand that most things worth doing have a process, a progression. Many have a learning curve and adjustment period. But I want to see progress after one instance. Take working out for example, or eating healthy. I want to immediately see bigger muscles and a smaller belly. Don’t I deserve that since I spent one day in the gym? 

Of course I don’t. I spent months or years getting the other results… It should take that long to reverse. 

But it still stinks to have to wait and do it over and over again. This to me is an embodiment of impatient and entitled. I fight it but man is it hard to not get frustrated. 

What about you? How do you stay the course in an endeavor and follow the baby steps? Do you have any tricks to getting good habits to stick and walking away from bad ones? 

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