10 Easiest Things to Do to Prepare to Sell Your Home

  1. Make sure you are qualified for the next buy and comfortable with the new payment
  2. Talk with me about valuing your home 
  3. Start decluttering sooner than later. Remove half of your stuff. Then half of what’s left
  4. Depersonalize–paint those beautiful crazy colors. Take down pics of the kiddos and dogs and in-laws. Take down your name, calendar, etc.
  5. Address anything that doesn’t work–lightbulbs, drippy sinks, etc. 
  6. Make the bulbs within any single light fixture match 
  7. Freshen up the landscaping
  8. Pack up out of season clothes
  9. Clean, clean, clean, clean and clean
  10. Consult with me on the timeline.

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