Backyard Chicken Experience From a Novice

Backyard chickens have been a dream of Nick and I’s from before we got married. We aren’t the farming type, but do enjoy spending time outdoors with our kids and having a variety of hobbies that keep us entertained. In this instance it also keeps us fed. One of the perks of moving to Tullahoma, […]

J Harmon Home Team | 3 Steps to Sold

Have you been frustrated by agents who: Don’t communicate with you?Make big promises but don’t deliver?Think “list it on the MLS” is effective marketing?Aren’t in any hurry to help you reach your goals? In today’s market, you need a GUIDE who can take you across the finish line to a sold house in just three […]

Top 5 Reasons it is A GOOD Idea to Sell Right Now

Top 5 Reasons it is A GOOD Idea to Sell Right Now

Last Month we discussed the reasons RIGHT now is a great time to buy a home. This month, we will approach the same topic from the perspective of a seller. 1) Tremendous EquityWith the market conditions of the past several years, your home has appreciated rapidly. If you bought 3 or more years ago, you […]

February 2021 Market Insights

March 2021 Market Insights

So, March is here. Last year at this time we were ramping up for what should have been one of the busiest years in history for TN Real Estate. Instead, we shut everything down in just a couple of weeks. Several new words and phrases became part of the vernacular. We talked about “pivoting” while we collectively […]

Tullahoma, TN | Ribbon Cutting

February 10th was a day of sunshine and celebration as we cut the ribbon introducing the J Harmon Home Team to Coffee County. As a client of Jonathans, I grew to love the thrill of the transaction and always appreciated Jonathan’s honesty and integrity throughout the process. The decision to join the team and create […]