Questions and Answers with a Lender

There are many facets to a real estate transaction. One of the most important choices you will make is who will handle your loan. When picking a lender, local is always best. A wise meme once said “Friends don’t let friends get mortgages from rockets,” (a nice slam at Rocket Mortgage) and a good real […]

Middle Tennessee Market Updates – October

A lot has happened in the market and we want to share it with you! The J Harmon Home Team serves a wide range of towns and counties in Middle Tennessee. If you’re looking to move to Tennessee, check out each of them to hear what is happening in the different sections of Middle Tennessee. […]

What is Zillow Doing and Does it Affect Me?

Big News in Real Estate: Zillow Shuts Down iBuying Permanently The big news in real estate today is that Zillow is killing its Zillow Offers division. They are not going to buy more houses. In addition, they are laying off 2000 employees by cutting this division (25% of their total staff). Of course this brings […]

Backyard Chickens in my TN Home

Rachel Ferrell: Hey, it’s Rachel Ferrell. Today on the New Old Fashioned Way, we are going to talk about my backyard chickens. We have six total birds. Over here, we’ve got a little silky. Her name’s Becca and she has a crooked beak. Her size and her beak defect have required us to put her […]

Is Now the Right Time to Sell My House? Jonathan:All right, Brett. So, in the past we’ve talked about should I buy, is this the right time to buy a home? And now let’s flip that question and say, okay, should I sell? Brett:That’s right. Jonathan:Well, that to me is an even more complicated answer. Brett:I think that’s way more complicated than the […]

Middle TN Real Estate Market Update – August 2021

Jonathan: (00:01)Hello everybody. It’s Jonathan Harmon with a J Harmon Home Team powered by Keller Williams with your August Market Update. So we’re lagging behind about a month, but they’re at least complete numbers for the month of August. And I got to tell you, this has been the screwy just craziest August, and I […]

How to Stack Pyrex Cinderella Bowls

How to Stack Pyrex Cinderella Bowls

Hey, it’s Rachel, the J Harmon home team’s, resident, grandmother, and today on the new old fashioned way, I’m going to show you how to stack some Pyrex. My grandmother back in the eighties and nineties was in having yard sales hunter. She would go to all of these yard sales. She actually used to […]

Team Stats – October Update

Market Update - October Team Stats

Jonathan: Hey everybody, so we’re going to give a quick update on how the J Harmon Home Team is doing year to date. You just want to know if your chosen realtors, if your favorite realtors in the whole wide world are actually having a good year or not, then we’re going to tell you […]

Backyard Chicken Experience From a Novice

Backyard chickens have been a dream of Nick and I’s from before we got married. We aren’t the farming type, but do enjoy spending time outdoors with our kids and having a variety of hobbies that keep us entertained. In this instance it also keeps us fed. One of the perks of moving to Tullahoma, […]