One of the single most important things you can find in your Realtor is the relationships they build within the real estate community and within the community at large. Real estate is so much more than a sales industry. It is 100% a relationship industry. It is the relationships that get the work done. No […]

Who do you work for?

Have you really thought about this before? I am self-employed, I work for multiple people as their agent, them as my clients. You might have a job where you work for a big corporation, a school system, a mom-and-pop business, or yourself. You might be a public service employee like a police officer or in the […]

August Teacher of the Month: Carin Miranda

J. Harmon Home Team would like to congratulate Carin Miranda on being awarded our August Teacher of the Month award. Her nomination reads: Mrs. Miranda is a wonderful coworker. She loves to teach sixth graders about science. She makes it hands on and enjoyable for the students. Even when she isn’t feeling her best, she still […]

August Hero of the Month: Gary Winton

J. Harmon Home Team would like to congratulate Gary Winton on being awarded our August Hero of the Month award. His nomination reads: Mr. Winton is a selfless and engaging member of our communities throughout Rutherford County. He support people and not just those we see. His ability to connect and see into the needs of others is exceptional […]

Who is Your Barbara?

I love my family. I am blessed to have a great immediate family and a diverse, dynamic, supportive extended family. My grandmother is still alive and fairly healthy. I have several aunts and my parents and my brother. My wife’s immediate family is smaller but awesome too. Plus we have bonus family through friendship relationships […]

Coffee. Shopping. Community.

I love Murfreesboro! I understand this is an unusual thing to type at the beginning of a story, but I do love Murfreesboro. I have lived in a small handful of cities, and I choose to call Murfreesboro, our Rutherford County seat, home. I took a circuitous route to get here, but I hope you […]

Busy Bees

On Friday I got to go on a short hike with my buddy Bryan Nale. We hiked the Vesta Cedar Glade. It is uniquely, ruggedly beautiful. The highlight of the hike, by far, was when we were in the actual glade and there were these short little trees with big clumps of tiny white flowers. […]


The words you use matter. Precise language is imperative to accurate communication. Many people think that distinguishing one word from another, when the meanings are similar, is just semantics and the user (or corrector) is being petty or too picky. I would disagree. Let’s compare just a few words that have been watered down due to […]

July Teacher of the Month: James Harrison

J. Harmon Home Team would like to congratulate James Harrison on being awarded our July Teacher of the Month award. His nomination reads: James is only a 3rd year teacher (and a navy veteran) but has made such an impact on his students already. He cares so deeply for them always buying toys, trinkets, snacks etc […]

Managing Expectations

The single most important job I have in real estate is to manage expectations. Set them where they should be and then either meet or, hopefully, exceed them. This applies to pricing, concessions, condition of property, communication, steps of the process, and literally everything else that I do. A professional knows the steps. Knows the […]