Who do you work for?

Have you really thought about this before? I am self-employed, I work for multiple people as their agent, them as my clients. You might have a job where you work for a big corporation, a school system, a mom-and-pop business, or yourself. You might be a public service employee like a police officer or in the military. You might be a homemaker that works for your family or volunteers at school. But the question is deeper. Who do you work for? Are you working for that employer? Are you working for the ability to provide for your family? Do you work for the opportunity to travel? Do you work because you have so much debt you have to work? In that case, you work for the creditor. Do you work so you can give more? Do you work so you can participate more in your church’s mission? Who is it that gets you out of bed when you don’t want to and pushes through the day? Who do you work for?  

I work for myself. I work to know I helped people with complicated tasks. I work for the thrill of creating and nurturing new business. But I really work for my wife. I work for my kids. I work so that they won’t need anything. I work so that we can have experiences together. I also work for my extended family and for my closest friends so that I can be available to them. I work so that I can leave a legacy. I work so that I won’t be completely forgotten 100 years from now. I also work for my team so that they can do these same things. 

So, one last time, who do you work for?

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