What is a Home?

J. Harmon Home Team

My message this week is a little different than most I post. I’d love your participation in this. One thing that guides everything I do in this career is the realization that a house is just a house but a home is so much more. When I stop and think about helping people with their homes, this job takes on so much more meaning, importance, and gravity. A house is an asset. A home is a mindset, hopes, dreams, and more. I will give a few things below that I think make a home and I would love for you to throw some back at me. 

Home is…

  • A safe place
  • A place to grow and dream
  • A place to store memories and hope
  • A shelter from the elements AND from life’s hard spots
  • A milestone
  • A nest egg that will translate into a life you want to live later on
  • A place to watch your kids grow, blossom, explore and return to
  • The base for your life adventures
  • A tool to leverage and grow into wealth
  • The place your kids will reflect on in 30 years and compare themselves to when determining if they are doing a good job for their kids

What else? What are some things that define what home is for you?

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Originally published on February 13, 2023.