Tullahoma, TN | Ribbon Cutting

February 10th was a day of sunshine and celebration as we cut the ribbon introducing the J Harmon Home Team to Coffee County. As a client of Jonathans, I grew to love the thrill of the transaction and always appreciated Jonathan’s honesty and integrity throughout the process. The decision to join the team and create an expansion in Southern Middle TN came down to good friendships and common goals to serve first, always.

My mission from the start of my business is to “Help people live outside of their mortgage.” My passion is to show clients pathways to purchase homes they love and not let the monthly payment keep them from living the life of their dreams. I do this by curating a list of vender partners that ALWAYS put the client’s needs first – emphasizing the routes that help grow people’s financial portfolios and support both their short and long term goals rather than “bigger house = more money for me.”

Moving to the J Harmon Home Team was a strategic move for both myself and the team. I’m constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between Murfreesboro and Manchester, Rutherford County and Coffee County. We are communities within 45 minutes of each other and as the prices rise towards our states capital, it’s important to ensure good quality service and a wholistic approach to the areas our clients can move. Bedford, Coffee and Franklin Counties have recently hopped on the radar for young buyers priced out of their hometowns. My vision is to create purposeful moves to areas that are more affordable and that also have a lot to offer.

In future articles I will show you just how awesome Southern Middle TN is, for today we will highlight the ribbon cutting and celebrate the teams expansion into a “town as unique as it’s name,” Tullahoma TN.

Tullahoma News Article – “Ferrell helps people live outside of their mortgage”

Tullahoma Area Chamber of Commerce

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