Truths About the First Year

Helping people has always been important and natural to me. I worked as a registered nurse for 13 years when I decided to pursue my second dream, real estate. While this decision did not come lightly and I knew it would be very different than my clock-in and out job, I had the passion to make it happen. My kids were getting older, and my husband saw that I needed a change. So, with my family’s full support, I started this new journey and began real estate classes.

Real estate school and licensing: Studying for the real estate license exam was such a different experience from studying for the NCLEX nursing exam. The depth of legal terms and rules were so much more than I expected but I really enjoyed learning how it all worked. I continued to work full-time as an RN while I studied for my real estate license and when I finished, I signed up to take the exam. Whew, the test was harder than I thought it would be!  When I finished my last question on the exam, I was sure that I had not passed. But to my surprise, I did! I had officially become a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee! I was over the moon excited and ready to hit the ground running. 

Joining a brokerage and getting to work: Before I had taken my licensure exam I had already committed to a brokerage, so after I got my license, I began the orientation and education they offered so I could be the best agent there was. (I was determined to do so!)  Boy was this a whirlwind of knowledge that my licensing education didn’t cover. Building your database, tapping into your sphere of influence, and networking. And of course, what to do when you get a listing or buyer appointment. The information was overwhelming! I felt like I still didn’t know what I was doing so I read everything I could and went to classes/zoom meetings almost every day that first month. I did other agents’ open houses every weekend to meet new people and would dream of doing my first open house on my own listing. 

The next 6 months: I had sold one home during my first couple of months as an agent but after that, everything seemed to be at a standstill. I was still doing all the work, attending networking events, and really getting out of my comfort zone. But nothing was happening. I was seeking advice from successful agents but kept running into the same thing. I would have conversations with people who had an interest in buying or selling but could never make it to the finish line with anyone. What was I doing wrong?? It was hard, really hard, and I felt bad that I wasn’t contributing any income at home. My husband was so supportive of my decision for this career change, and I was falling flat on my face. 

Fast-forward to the end of my first year: Just before the end of my first year I had changed brokerages so I could join a team. Jonathan was a proven successful real estate agent, and I felt I could learn much from him. Changing brokerages was difficult and I felt like I was starting all over. Different processes and education were just the beginning, but I was determined to be successful. This made all the difference. I have learned so much from this team and even got another deal under my belt. It wasn’t my goal to only have a couple of sales my first year, but I’m glad this market has made me struggle. It has made me a stronger person. I’m even more social! I have made so many new friends by joining Rotary International, I now volunteer as a nurse in the clinic at The Greenhouse Ministries, and I even re-connected with a lot of people that I should have never lost connection with. 

What I know now: My first year in real estate was so amazing but not in the ways you would think. Did I make a lot of money? No. But the knowledge that I’ve gained in myself, and the industry is priceless. I’m happy, very happy in fact. I have learned that I truly enjoy helping people and I’m pretty darn good at it! Buying and selling a home can be extremely challenging and stressful for most people and I love that I get to help ease fears and make the process go smoothly. I’ve found my calling! Eager to Serve!

By Shannon Hoesli.
Reach Shannon at 615-962-0990.

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