Tips for an Easy Sale

J. Harmon Home Team

Hey friends!

When I talk to people who are beginning to consider selling their home I frequently hear, “We have several things we need to do and then we will have you out”. Today’s market is not the same as it was a year ago! Therefore, I would encourage you to have me out BEFORE you do “several things”. Sometimes what you think needs to be done, does not. And sometimes you need to do some things you didn’t know about. And you can run out of money before knocking those things out. Let’s talk about a few things that are definite maybes.

Home Selling Checklist 

1. Connect.

An experienced local real estate agent understands your specific market and will do what is necessary to get your home sold for top dollar and in your desired amount of time. Ally yourself with someone who knows the specific market and fits your goals and personality. Also, a great agent has connections that will make all of the below easier!

2. Curb appeal.

There are a few tricks we can do to instantly improve curb appeal. Though this doesn’t add “value”, it adds to the marketability of your home which may make it sell faster and with less sacrifice.

3. Declutter. 

I tell people to pack up half of their stuff. Then, pack half of what’s left. You are moving anyway. People have to see the house as a space for their stuff, not as a place full of your stuff. Even if you aren’t a pack rat, decluttering is a good thing.

4. Depersonalize.    

A lot like Number 3, people want to envision their stuff in this space. Also, you don’t want the showing to become about you. Their sole focus should be on the house.

5. Paint.     

Let’s face it, most people have a hard time envisioning a space in a different way than they see it. You have to make it as easy as possible for them to envision it as theirs. Any color other than a boring neutral color may polarize their experience.

6. Stage.     

Staging is becoming increasingly important. Help folks see how to live in your space. How does a couch fit in that open concept? How can I make this space a cozy, functional office without clashing with the rest of the house? What size bed will fit in the master? Show them. 

I hope this helps. Do these things and call me before you do anything else. Don’t put in new countertops or appliances or remodel a bathroom or whatever else without discussing the plans with your trusted Realtor, me. You might not need to incur that expense. Love y’all. Have a great week.

Published May 9, 2023