JonMichael Robinson

Keller Williams, 450 Saint Andrews Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37128

For JonMichael, having a career in real estate is a fulfillment of a dream he nurtured since childhood. Growing up in West Branch Michigan, he began expressing interest in real estate at a young age, admiring dozens of beautiful homes and asking his parents myriad questions about architecture and prices of different homes as they drove around their neighborhood.  He moved to TN in 2016, attended Central Michigan University for 2 years, graduated from Tennessee State University in 2019 and obtained a real estate license in 2023. Having worked professionally in the sales industry, he has amassed a wealth of experience in different facets of selling and has established himself as a knowledgeable, competitive and high performing professional.

With a strong academic background in Business Management, he has had extensive experience in diverse fields, including marketing, business development and operations from the corporate level to top tier real estate teams. Through these experiences, he has gained an arsenal of universal skills and talents that have spurred his career success.  He takes pride in his reputation of being organized, resourceful, optimistic and enthusiastic about achieving his set goals.

As a salesperson, Robinson's competency lies in his dedication, focus and determination to ensure his clients sell their homes in a short time and for top dollar. He leverages his knowledge of technology, digital marketing and social media to craft highly effective marketing strategies that reach a broad audience of potential buyers and attract competitive offers that lead to a good deal. As a licensed real estate agent Robinson works closely with sellers throughout the staging process, offering valuable insights on décor and remodeling to improve their home's value. To him, there is nothing more complimentary than having a satisfied client at the end of each transaction.

He has a keen interest in creating lasting relationships with his clients and sticks with them even after the transaction. His charisma and sanguine personality makes it easy for people to easily interact with him, allowing him to form long-time friendships with some of his clients. A good listener, great communicator and team player, he expresses a genuine interest in his clients' needs, giving them comfort, peace of mind and a sense of direction in the challenging process.

Outside of real estate, JonMichael is an outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing, kayaking, wood crafting (building custom furniture), golfing (competed in college at CMU) and walking with his dog. Contact him today and experience the joy of being served by a diligent, professional, friendly and highly productive salesperson.