Team Stats – October Update

Jonathan: Hey everybody, so we’re going to give a quick update on how the J Harmon Home Team is doing year to date. You just want to know if your chosen realtors, if your favorite realtors in the whole wide world are actually having a good year or not, then we’re going to tell you that. We’re also going to look at Rutherford County and Coffee County, just broad strokes, a two mile up view of how the market is going. So first things, how is the J Harmon Home Team doing? Well, the answer to that in short is we’re actually doing very well. In a very, very competitive market, in a market that is full of new agents. I teach at MTAR, Middle Tennessee Association, and we’ve had four orientations at this point, and every single one of them has been completely full with about 80 new agents. So in a market that has tons and tons of agents and tons and tons of activity, we are currently sitting at 45 units closed in aggregate, and we’re also looking at 13 pending sales that are going to close before the end of the year. And then we’ve got six listings that are either online right now, or will be online within the next couple of weeks. So I feel pretty good about that. Our goal this year was to get to 80 transactions. I’m not sure that we’re going to quite get there, but I do think we’re going to probably have the best year that we’ve ever had transaction count in well, ever. So that’s pretty cool. And for that, I thank you. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and from all of the J Harmon Home Team. Now, eight members strong. So otherwise numbers… I’ll tell you, it is the screwiest market ever. So let’s look at Rutherford County real quick, and the story is similar in Coffee county, it’s just smaller numbers. New listings in August of 2021, 634 new pending sales. So new contracts written 1,110. So we have a disparity of almost 400 houses that went under contract that didn’t get listed, if that makes sense. So that means that any inventory that was sitting around is just getting gobbled up. It’s just shrinking and shrinking and shrinking. And what that shows us is we’re right at a 1.0 in months of supply. So in other words, right now, as we stand here, there’s basically right at a month’s worth of homes available for people that are buying it. So they’re all going to get snapped up. We’re actually seeing in some other numbers in the city of Murfreesboro, for example, we’re at 0.8 months supply, which means that if a house goes on the market now, it will be gone in less than a month, like completely gone. And there’s not enough homes for the person right now that’s going to be looking in one month. It’s crazy. So that of course drives prices up. We’re at a 24% price increase year over year from August of last year to August of this year. And we’re at a 68.3% deficit of the inventory. It is nuts, y’all. So if you’re anxious about the market, I get it. Let’s sit down and let’s have a cup of coffee. Let’s talk through it. Let’s see what that means for you if you need to move or are contemplating a move. There’s opportunities in this market, and there’s ways that you can capitalize on it, and we would love to help you with that. So give us a shout. See ya.

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