Taylore Your Home – October Decorating Tips

Hey guys, it’s Taylore. I’m here to talk about decorating for the fall, for the month of October. So one thing I’ve been wanting to do for my back door is I’ve been wanting to get like some kind of a fall plaque or a wreath something like that just to brighten up the space. So I’ve been looking on Pinterest and I’ve been looking at TJ Maxx, and I’ve been looking on Amazon and I found some little cute pumpkin plaques that say like, hello, or welcome or something like that. And they’re around the $14 mark. And I was like, huh? I mean, okay, I guess I’ll order that. But then I thought about my favorite place ever, which is Dollar Tree when it comes to just needing little crafty things. And I walked in there and I actually found this super cute plaque. So it’s a good size, as you can see. And it says, thankful and blessed. And I was like, oh, and everything’s a dollar. You got to remember at Dollar Tree, everything’s a dollar. So I got this cute little plaque and it’s got these little holes with the ties in it. So I’m going to actually put this on my back door. It’s the perfect little thing that I needed for a prop of fall. But there was just some little things about it that didn’t love. You can see the glue where this little leaf is glued on there and this little, what do you call this? raffia, whatever it’s called, I didn’t really love. So I also saw this cute little mesh tubing, but I thought this would be perfect for me cut and to tie and have a cute little loop here. I’ll open it up so we can see it. So what I’ll do is I’m going to just cut it to size and make a cute little bow. And then I’ll just have that right here. I’ll take raffia off and just put that on there. And it’ll be a super cute… Just make it look a little nicer, make it look a little more expensive. And nobody will ever know that this thing came from the Dollar Store. And then while I was there, I also saw these cute little crafts. So my daughter Roman, she’s always wanting to do crafts and arts and things like that. So I saw these cute little wooden things they had to paint, a dollar her once again. So they had this, they had this cute little castle box thing that I’ve already let her paint. She’s already gone crazy about it. And they also had these super cute, tiny canvases and they come in a pack of two. So I went ahead and got three of them. So she has six little canvases that she can paint so she can paint me some cute little pumpkins, I’ll just give her some colors that I want in my fall decor scheme going on. And I’ll just let her paint whatever she wants. And then I’ll use these. I can get a cute little frame to put them in, or I can just leave them like they are and set them around the house and have my fall decor for less than $10. And nobody will ever know the difference. So go to the dollar Tree, check out their craft section, look at their fall section, and don’t be afraid to grab some things and upscale what you find. Thanks. Have a great day.

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