Short Term Rental Questions

I have some questions for you all regarding short-term rentals. I would love a response. 

1) Would you ever stay in a place with the knowledge that it is likely haunted? Would that discourage you or encourage you to stay?

2) Is there an acceptable amount that you let your kids or guests run crazy in an Airbnb? Do you let them scatter game pieces all over the house? Do you let them write on furniture?

3) If a place is non-smoking, and you smoke next to the door, with the door open but you are outside, do you think you violated the no-smoking policy?

4) If a guest throws up on linens or spills something majorly, do you report it to the owner or just let them find it?

5) How likely are you to report damage to a home you stay in that you see as soon as you walk in?

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