One of the single most important things you can find in your Realtor is the relationships they build within the real estate community and within the community at large. Real estate is so much more than a sales industry. It is 100% a relationship industry. It is the relationships that get the work done. No one can do something as complex as a real estate transaction completely by themselves. 

As an illustration, I had a listing a couple of weeks ago where the buyer’s mortgage process stalled out. The other agent (who was actually not a bad agent) was not able to get straight answers about the process and the situation. I happened to know other people at that mortgage company, including some people above the loan officer. I made a few phone calls and asked for some guidance. I did not demand anything because that was not the position I was in. I asked the right questions to the right people and got the answers. From there, I relayed the information to the parties necessary and gave the other agent some advice. Thankfully, they were not offended by this and saw it as what it was, a mutual desire of all parties to get the deal across the finish line. They did a great job of coaching their client and we got it closed. We might still be waiting on it if I wasn’t able to have a conversation with the right person. 

The trick is to be trustworthy and someone that people want to help. Take care of your people and they will take care of you. Further, continuously build your phone book and relationship inventory. Help people every chance you get with absolutely no expectation. Call on people when you need help. It makes all the difference in your business. If you are not good at what I just wrote, align yourself with someone that is. As a prospective participant in the real estate market, only hire people that invest in relationships. Those are what matter. 

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