Questions and Answers with a Lender

There are many facets to a real estate transaction. One of the most important choices you will make is who will handle your loan. When picking a lender, local is always best. A wise meme once said “Friends don’t let friends get mortgages from rockets,” (a nice slam at Rocket Mortgage) and a good real estate agent will have a list of preferred local lenders that you can interview who will – without a doubt – provide you with the best possible service.

One of our favorite local lenders is Bryan Nale with Iberia Bank. His attention to detail, timeliness and fierce protection of his clients throughout a transaction are just a few of the reasons why we trust him to help our clients. In a quick series of videos, we cover some of the more frequently asked questions from buyers to lenders. Whether you are a first time buyer or freshening up to purchase a new home, these videos will give you great insight on lending and what you should be thinking about to have the best experience.

What Will a Lender Want From Me?

In Part 1 of lender week, Bryan and Jonathan talk about what it takes to get a mortgage! If you have wondered what a lender consultation might look like, this is the video for you.

Should I Buy?

Part 2 of our Lender series, Bryan and Jeffery talk through today’s market and the risks of purchasing now or waiting.

What Makes Up Your Mortgage Payment?

In Part 3 of our lender series, Rachel and Bryan talk about what makes up your mortgage payments and why understanding each piece is important when buying a home.

Bryan Nale has been a banker in Rutherford County since 2006 and finds great satisfaction in helping people reach their goals through the financial tools and advice with which he equips his clients. Bryan is a proud member of his community, having served as a Chamber of Commerce Diplomat since 2009, a member of United Way’s Young Leader Society steering committee, the BRAA, and is a past president of the Domestic Violence Program of Rutherford County. He graduated Leadership Rutherford in 2011, and looks forward to helping clients find the right financing option for their home.

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