As I have gotten busier and more involved in more things, I have realized the importance of pausing. I have also realized that it is very, very hard to do. It is so hard because I think about all the things that are happening while I am paused. I think about how much more I have to do when I unpause. But I also know that I have to give my brain, my body, and my spirit that moment. I need to pause. I need to reflect and gather myself. I need to listen to my body and listen to my family. I need to not think. 

I wish I had a great method or secret or technique for this. I don’t. And frankly, I suck at it. But I have to do it. I crave it. Sometimes I just shut down. I work to the point where I literally just can’t do any more until after a pause. Anymore, that pause comes from going to sleep (not the best way). I need to allow myself to be awake and aware of things outside of my own world. Pause and expand my world to things around me. How do you do that? How do you not participate? How do you just listen and just be? I don’t know. But I think it is important. 

So, for real, tell me, how do YOU do that? What are some tricks, tips, and insights you have for this?