November Newsletter Introduction

Hello, everybody. I am so excited that the team is growing y’all. And so first let me say thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and give you information and give you guidance and help you with that big asset that you have, your home, your land, your kid’s home, whatever, your friend’s home, all of those things. We really sincerely appreciate the trust that you put in us. And with that, we are able to add a new guy.

Let’s go.

Hello, new guy. This is Mr. Trent Denson. He is the owner of Spread The Positive. He is also a licensed real estate agent and just a generally good dude.

Hey, I’ll take that. Thank you, Jonathan.

So not to mention, he’s got a great haircut.

Yeah, we’re killing the bald. [crosstalk 00:00:46]

I think we had too much hair on the team, so I needed to-

Average it out.

Get more skin in the game. Good stuff. So, anyway, just wanted to introduce you guys through Spread The Positive and all the things that Trent does. He’s going to help us a lot with the media, with getting the message out that you can share with your friends that you can learn from, that you can grow from, and quite honestly, you can plan from.




I kind of fancy us as some version of financial planners for folks. There’s a big aspect of your financial wellbeing that resides in your home, not just you, right?


So that’s good. So, Trent, tell us a little bit about you real quick.

So founder and owner of Spread The Positive. Our tagline is “Bringing Light to What’s Going Right.” I have a studio space here in the Cedar Glade Brewery.


Yeah. So just a lot of overlap with Jonathan and the team here. So all things, content, podcasting, videos, just telling the story of Jay Harman home team, helping where I can with referrals and anything y’all might need with any gopher running. You know, I’m a hell of a gopher. Sorry, I don’t know if Phil is okay, but I’m just a team player here. I’ve always been a point guard, so I’ll distribute it how I can and help where I’m needed, man. I’m excited to be part of the team though so thank you.

Well we’re blessed to have you and here’s the thing. If you have used Trent in the past as your real estate agent, please still do. Please reach out to him and whether he helps you or he gets you with the right expert. Cause you know, we’re kind of spread out a little bit purposely, strategically, in a couple of different places we can help. So yeah, it’s about-

Check us out. Spread The Positive’s the main focus, I will say that, but happy to be part of the team and here to help with anything I can. So thanks for having me, man.

Awesome. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the newsletter. We’ll talk to you soon.

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