November 2020 – Aaron Tremblay

Aaron Tremblay is the JHHT Hero of the Month for November, 2020

It’s not only in difficult pandemic driven circumstances, but also in the difficult times of everyday life that many have come to depend on the guidance and help of their local minister.

Aaron Tremblay is the minister at the Smyrna Church of Christ. Since the first day he moved his family from Boston, Massachusetts to Smyrna, Tennessee, Aaron has been active in the community and the lives of the members of the church.

Whether it’s helping less fortunate people find temporary housing, delivering food to the hungry, delivering a eulogy at a funeral, or declaring a couple man and wife, Aaron has been a pillar in his local community.

When the pandemic hit and churches were forced to close for Sunday service, Aaron immediately put together a media team within the church to
provide congregants an option to continue having service in their homes.

Every week, Aaron and his volunteers, including a guest speaker, would meet at the church in order to record and structure together a presentation of encouragement to everyone. Even when churches were allowed to reopen their doors, Aaron helped in the process of purchasing the proper
equipment to offer live streaming of Sunday service to those uncomfortable with having service in person. If someone was uncomfortable with leaving their home for any reason, Aaron would volunteer to deliver their necessities to them. He doesn’t simply invest in the people who have fellowship with him at SCC, but rather he invests in his community to make it a better place than he found it. Time and time again, he has shown his tenacity and ability to put others and their needs first and that is why he should be our hero of the month.

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