New Construction Buyer Agent?? Why? I’ll Just Talk to the Nice On-Site Agent.

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Long title for this email but a SERIOUS question. I’ll show you below that new construction sales are BOOMING right now. Much more so than resale homes. Builders are building, developments are coming online, and people are flocking to neighborhoods from all over the place. One thing that happens very, very often is that buyers will drive through a neighborhood and stop in at the model home. They get copies of floor plans and learn about all the amenities in the subdivision and what lots back up to what and all the cool stuff. The on-site agent is super nice and before you know it, you have a lot deposit down. You’ve picked out a floor plan and bam, you are in the process of buying a newly built home. What they often leave out is that you are NOT represented by them. They represent the builder. They are so nice and often very helpful about picking out stuff and as long as everything clicks along perfectly, there is no conflict. But oh so very often, it does not click along as planned. Construction is delayed, items are left off, you end up compromising. Plus, if someone had helped you and had your best interest at heart at the beginning, often, you could have gotten more for your money. 

So, what do you do? You get a buyer’s agent to represent you in the purchase of your newly built home. They know the right questions to ask early, mid game and late. They know the process enough to know when the train is sliding off the rails. They know the red flags that something bad is coming. They know the buttons to push to get you the best deal. AND it just so happens that the best buyer’s agent for new construction is right here in the J. Harmon Home Team. Brett Garner has been around new construction most of his life. He is diligent, competent and extremely meticulous about your new home. He typically ends up befriending the job superintendent because he catches things before they have time to. He visits your job site at least weekly to make sure things are progressing as they should. He will know months in advance if the project is going to be delayed because he knows the rhythm it should be following. He is also excellent at helping you make selections that will add value and add resale ability should that need arise (spoiler alert, not all upgrades are created equally). And the best part, he is typically paid by cooperation with the builder, so you don’t pay extra for his services!!

Don’t go it alone. Remember that the on-site agent works for the builder–NOT FOR YOU. Plus, if you have to sell to buy, we can help make that an almost seamless process!!

*Chart data gathered in September 2022.

So, you can see that new construction has picked up this year, even as other sales (quantities) have slowed. Prices are WAY up, even as materials are down a bit. What we have seen is a little bit of softening on terms–the multiple hundred family waiting lists of last year are all but gone. You can negotiate a little. Let us (especially Brett) help you with some new construction!!