Meet Michelle

J. Harmon Home Team

I want to take a moment to formally introduce you to Michelle Reeves. Michelle has been with the team since April. She is our Ops Boss® and wears LOTS of hats. Most of what she does can be summed up as “making sure the team communicates well and adequately.” It is so easy for me, Brett, Rabeeh, and Jeffrey to get caught up in doing the work on individual transactions that we forget to do the non-transactional stuff like social media and check-in calls or texts or emails. Michelle has revived our socials and is undertaking a massive overhaul of our database. She also facilitates the Hero and Teacher of the Month and is working on an operations manual. She schedules my podcast guests and helps set up appointments for me. As she has been learning the job (and my crazy personality) she has added to the team some things we should have been doing for a long time. She is detail oriented and is focused on making us more efficient and able to focus on the tasks that actually serve our clients. 

In addition to her work with this team, Michelle has a podcast called Rebel Sage Perspectives. Michelle’s colorful and curious personality and her love of music, books, and all things entertainment led her to develop Rebel Sage Perspectives, a funny, rebellious, and light-hearted podcast discussing life, music, and the unexplained. Her guests have included musicians, actors, stunt people, authors, as well as Maestro Giancarlo Guerrero with the Nashville Symphony. Rebel Sage Perspectives debuted in 2020 and is heard in more than 30 countries.  

Michelle will be calling our past clients over the course of the next few months. She is going to verify the accuracy of our database information and see if there are any questions we can address. I encourage you to take a minute to talk with Michelle. She’s pretty fun. 

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Originally published on December 5, 2022.