May 2022-Barbie Donnell

Congrats to Mrs. Barbie Donnell of Northfield Elementary School!! She is our May J. Harmon Home Team teacher of the month! 

Here is Mrs. Donnell’s nomination: Mrs. Donnell sent me a message, during a bad snowstorm, asking if we needed anything and while I was sure that was just her general question she asks people when they are sick, I politely declined, but she asked again saying “Are you sure y’all don’t need anything??? Cause I will be glad to help in any way I can because I am so proud of what you are doing for those boys, please if I can do anything let me.” I told her my grandson needed his meds, and without hesitation she said “YES!” A couple of hours later my doorbell rang and the meds were on my porch. She took a chance out in that snow and ice to help us, and I am truly grateful. This is why I feel she is deserving 

Thank you, Mrs. Donnell, for all you do and for how you make our community better, one kind act at a time.  

Thank you to our collaborators for making this possible: 

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