Isha Yoga Foundation with Rabeeh Elassal

Hey guys, this is Rabeeh Elassal with the J Harmon Home Team, and I am in McMinnville, Tennessee, and this is a hidden gem kind of tucked away here. There’s not much around here, but this place it’s the Isha Yoga Foundation. Think of it as a place to come and practice meditation or take programs to kind of learn how to self engineer inner peace. We all know that after a pandemic like we’ve had the last couple years, this is definitely a place that would help a lot of people.

Let me turn the camera around so you can kind of see what I see. This beautiful building is a place where people come to meditate and just kind of have some quiet time. We are completely surrounded by nature, and I’m going to walk over this hill. You can see this pretty impressive building with a copper dome, and this would be the place that people would come to take the programs. Let’s see if I can get a better view. There we go. It’s bigger in person than it looks like in the video, but as you can see, it’s just a beautiful place. Very quiet.

So anyway, basically it’s a place you would come to learn yoga, but it’s not just limited to just what we traditionally think of yoga, it’s a place where you would come and learn programs of how to meditate, first and foremost, breathing exercises, techniques, and just kind of dealing with the day to day stresses and anxieties of life. So if anybody is interested in more information on it, feel free to reach out to me. But I am going to enjoy my scenery for a little bit. Thanks.

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