Importance of Referrals

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There’s an old saying that people buy people before they buy _____ (I would say Real Estate in this blank). In sales, more often than not, your job is not just to sell the product or service, but to sell yourself. Convince people that you are the best person for a job. That your product or service is a better value than your competitor. That they will win if they choose you over the other person. This is especially true in real estate. Think about this, how many people do you know that have an active real estate license? How many of them do you actually like as a human being? My guess is that the number is more than 2. SO, if that is you, how do you tell one that you want to use them and tell the others that you don’t want to use them? If you are in real estate, how do you convince the people that you know that YOU are the best choice? There is a tremendous opportunity to be rejected. And sometimes it is hard to accept. Sometimes it is hard to NOT be afraid of that rejection. 

One of the most important and valued tools in my career has been asking for and getting referrals. Do a great job for people. Stay educated and current and deliver on the expectations you set. If you do these things, people are satisfied. And generally, if they are satisfied, they will tell their friends about you or at least be willing to. The key is to actually ask people to refer you. And not just ask them to but almost coach them on how to refer you. This has been tremendous in my business. And you all have generally responded and sent me lots of friends, cousins, mommas and coworkers. It is humbling and wonderful. I’d way rather work with people that know people I like. All that said, here are a few pointers on how to refer people. Look these over and don’t just apply to me but to all the small businesses you work with.

1) Did I earn your referral? If so, tell people. I don’t want to refer someone that might embarrass me or make me look bad to my friends. If I am unsure you will make me look good, I am not inclined to refer you. I bet you are the same. 

2) Listen for key words to refer–for me, listen for these scenarios– getting married, getting divorced, new baby, kids moving out, retirement, new job, relocating to another state, someone passed away, outgrowing house, need more room, want to build and need better/different schools. All of these are indications that someone will be making a move. 

3) How do I say it? Simple, hear the indicators and just say, “do you have a real estate agent? My friend Jonathan can give you some advice on that.” Bonus if you say something like this “He helped me with _____ and did a great job. He is plugged in and knows everyone.” 

This market is tough for agents. I know that you want to get the best representation you can for your large, life changing, transaction.

Originally published on December 13, 2022.