How to Stack Pyrex Cinderella Bowls

Hey, it’s Rachel, the J Harmon home team’s, resident, grandmother, and today on the new old fashioned way, I’m going to show you how to stack some Pyrex. My grandmother back in the eighties and nineties was in having yard sales hunter. She would go to all of these yard sales. She actually used to have some antique booths where she was selling off some of the different things that she had collected over the years. But one of the things that she did not sell off, and I’m so grateful, she didn’t are send over Cinderella bowls. So here are my Cinderella bowls. I have complete sets. All four of the bowls are included in each of the sets. And what is incredible to me is that when she purchased these they weren’t all in the complete set. She actually, you know, she’d buy one bowl and then she’d have to go hunting for, you know, the rest of the set.

And she made sure that each that was exactly the right pairing. Um, so I love having these in my house. I love displaying her hard work back when, uh, the internet was not quite as good as what it is today. You can’t just hop on Facebook and say, Hey, I’m missing bowl. Number two, somebody helped me find it. We actually had to go and hunt it. So eight total sets of these got on Amazon. And I was looking to see how I could stack them to put them above my cabinets. And I was going to have to spend like $350 and, uh, the little plastic pieces to stack them. So what I’ve chosen to do is use cardboard. So I have cardboard, a pen and some scissors, and I created these disks to stack inside the goals so I can stack my bowls up higher.

I used the next size bowl as a template for the previous previous goal. I’m really good at explaining this, right? You can see that this fits over the top. I use the second bowl as the template. I put my Domino’s pizza cardboard container in the first bowl and then stacked the second one. So then of course I used the third bowl as my template. Here it is right here, cardboard in third bowl in there we go. And of course I’ll have to like adjust a little bit to keep it level. And then same with the fourth one template, put it in and we are stacked. So there’s my four bowls in this pink gooseberry collection of Pyrex. This is my second favorite. One of the collections, uh, the blue color. It actually comes with a brochure, the original brochure from when it was purchased on long time ago. Anyway, if you have these Pyrex bowls, I hope this helps you to stack them inexpensively. And I figure after enough pizza parties, I should have plenty of cardboard to stack.

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