Hitting a Wall

J. Harmon Home Team

Have you ever hit a wall? Not necessarily physically but mentally, spiritually, professionally, emotionally? Have you ever been cruising along thinking everything is cool. Thinking you are doing most everything right and things are going your way and the universe is in agreement and then BAM! Wall. You feel dazed. You feel confused (yes, great movie). You feel down. You feel lost. You start to question everything else. Was the universe really in agreement? Was I really doing everything right? Were things really going my way? What did I miss? How did I miss that? And most importantly, what now?

I think we all have hit walls at some point. We all have had those thoughts. I think the more we do in any of those arenas I mentioned, the more likely it is we will hit a wall. People use different analogies for our busy-ness–plates spinning, irons in the fire, burning candles at both ends, etc. But the idea is always the same, how many different things in your life at any one moment NEED your attention and care? Is that a number that you can realistically give an adequate amount of attention to? For so so many of us, the answer is no. Simply no. We have too many. And when we have too many, we will drop one. We will mess one up. If you are anything like me, it will likely be one on the personal side of things because you take care of yourself and your closests, last. 

So I don’t have any great words of advice on this. I have done it to myself my entire life. Say yes one or two or three too many times. I doubt I will stop honestly. It feels good to be important and to have accomplishments. But what is the cost? When we say yes too many times, what does it cost us? That is what we have to acknowledge in order to ever try to fix it in our lives. We have to have honest conversation with ourselves and decide if the cost–to ourselves, our family, our relationships–is worth the gain from doing whatever the next thing is. I’d say often times it is not. 

I guess without advice, all this email is is an acknowledgement of this happening in my life. I’m guessing if you read this far, it happens in yours too. Well, you are not alone. You have lots of company. 

Good luck today. I hope you blow right through those walls. I hope the universe IS in agreement with you.