Everyday Hero of the Month, May, 2020

May Everyday Hero Abdou Kattih of the Murfreesboro Muslim Youth

May’s Everyday Hero is Abdou Kattih.

Abdou is a pharmacist and the leader for Murfreesboro Muslim Youth. Abdou consistently challenges his youth to find new ways to show love and respect and dignity for ALL of the community.

This summer they are organizing a way for 250 kids to get fed a meal a day. They were recognized as one of the top organizations in the country for their Covid Response where they made masks for and delivered food to several thousand people.

Truly a remarkable organization because of a truly remarkable leader. Well deserved, Abdou. Keep up the great work. Proud to call you friend.

Dr. Blair does such a great job of connecting with the kids and treating his staff as professionals. I know of two boys that absolutely look up to this man and I know there are countless others as well.

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Thanks to all the sponsors that make this awesome monthly award possible. – you guys rock!