Do You Believe in Luck?

J. Harmon Home Team

Its a good question. Do you believe in luck? It seems that some people are just lucky. Some are just very unlucky. Why does good stuff happen to this guy and not that one? Is there a certain amount of luck that we all just kinda walk around with? Is it some version of the law of attraction? 

I think that we make a lot of our own luck. Granted, there is a certain amount of luck we possess simply by being planted in whatever family we are in. I was born into a solid blue collar, middle class family that valued hard work, family time, education and treating people well. That, in my opinion, involved a certain amount of luck. I could have just as easily been born into a third world country or a completely dysfunctional very wealthy family or who knows what. So, by that rationale, you might have some luck a the very beginning. 

BUT I think past that, you are given a certain hand and thats what  you have to play. From that point forward, you do what you can to form your own luck. You make connections. You find ways to get educated. You learn about options. You position yourself to take advantage of whatever “lucky break” you might encounter. You take the punches you are dealt and you go one way or the other. 

For some, it does seem easier. Is that luck? Maybe. Or maybe it is just playing their hand better. Of course, it could be a better hand to play too. What do you think? Luck? Unlucky? Make your own luck? 

Published on March 27, 2023