Coffee. Shopping. Community.

I love Murfreesboro!

I understand this is an unusual thing to type at the beginning of a story, but I do love Murfreesboro. I have lived in a small handful of cities, and I choose to call Murfreesboro, our Rutherford County seat, home. I took a circuitous route to get here, but I hope you all will not hold that against me. (Omaha, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Nashville, and finally Murfreesboro!)

I also absolutely LOVE coffee. We have a variety of fantastic coffee shops in our lovely city. Dapper Owl is a new coffee shop located near MTSU. Their coffee is smooth, and their cheese scones are taste bud tantalizing. In the heart of Murfreesboro, we have Brass Horn Coffee. When I am here, I am all about the Lavender Latte. On the north side of town, we have Shelli’s Coffee + Social, which boasts one of the best cream cheese scones I have had in a long time. Just Love Coffee has locations dotting Murfreesboro, but the one on the west side serves a delectable drink called The Honeybee which contains the makings of a latte with honey and violet syrup added. You read that correctly, violet syrup, and it is yummy! If coffee is your thing, Murfreesboro has you covered.

If shopping is your happy place, we can accommodate you. From big box stores like Dillard’s and Target to unique boutiques, we’ve got all of your shopping needs nearby. There is Quinn’s Mercantile in the heart of downtown. Quinn’s carries home goods, puzzles, Taylor Swift creations, and clothing. They include cute plus-size clothing too. RYE The Label is a new boutique where you, or your significant other, can grab a drink while shopping their very “It” girl fashion offerings at The Fountains at Gateway Plaza. Nearby, at The Avenue, Inflair Boutique carries everything in Indian apparel. Their saree selection is vast. 

Aside from the coffee and the shopping, we have the people. Our people. Our community. I love the people here. I love our active, interested, diverse, always moving, kind residents. It is easy to stay in the know here. We have a fantastic Chamber of Commerce and a wonderful community. 


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By Michelle Reeves