Busyness vs. Business Revisited

J. Harmon Home Team

Always a topic on my mind. Something I constantly have to monitor myself on. Is what I am doing right now business or busyness? We tend to worship busyness. “How are you” “Oh I am just so busy!!” “Wow, that’s great!” 

Is it though? I can be really busy and not really accomplish anything. Busy includes running to the grocery store 3 times in one day because I didn’t plan well enough for the first trip. Busy includes forgetting something at home and having to run back “real quick”. Busy includes sitting in the car pick up line for an hour and not getting a ton done. 

It’s good to be busy sometimes. It is better to be up to business in the time you should be and to NOT be busy after that. To take some time to be still. We don’t value stillness and so often don’t seek it out. I am absolutely terrible at stillness. I always feel like I am forgetting to do something in that time. Worse, I feel guilty for taking a few minutes to just be still. Like somehow I owe someone my time and energy and taking a few quiet moments takes away from them. So often, if I take minutes to be still, I fall asleep. I literally run myself to the point of exhaustion. THAT is not fair to myself, to my family, to my friends who just want to build the friendship. It really is taking from someone-the people I love the most. 

I honestly don’t have a solution. We fill our calendars and lives up out of obligation, ambition, guilt. Our souls crave less noise and some quiet. These things are at odds and more often than not, we beat down the cravings because of the aforementioned drives. If you have some suggestions, some methods, I would love to hear it. 

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