Busy Bees

On Friday I got to go on a short hike with my buddy Bryan Nale. We hiked the Vesta Cedar Glade. It is uniquely, ruggedly beautiful. The highlight of the hike, by far, was when we were in the actual glade and there were these short little trees with big clumps of tiny white flowers. The trees were cool in and of themselves, but the WOW moment was when we stopped walking and heard the buzz. These trees were COVERED in honeybees. No exaggeration, probably 10,000 or more bees in an area about 200 by 200. Bryan and I stopped and took some pictures and a video to try to capture the buzz. It was (actually) awesome. The best part is that the bees did not give a single care about us. They were about their business. We were able to get very close to the bees. They all had a little ball of pollen they were collecting. 

As we stood and watched and listened, we were both fairly transfixed by them. It was cool to see them all working toward a single goal. It was especially cool that (to them) these giant invaders meant absolutely nothing. They did not care about what everyone else was doing. I wish we could be more like that sometimes. Focus on our tasks. Be laser-focused on what we are doing and not give two cares about what everyone else is doing around us. We have a task to accomplish that supports our community. Our life and our livelihood depend on us and our buddy accomplishing this task. And it doesn’t matter if a giant comes around. We gotta get it done. Wouldn’t that be great sometimes?

We hope you will join us next Monday evening.
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