Business vs. Busyness

J. Harmon Home Team

Happy Monday Friends!!

One lesson I struggle with on a daily basis is discerning between business and busyness. I tend to be very busy but sometimes don’t handle the actual business with efficiency. I struggle with reluctance and task avoidance. I have to almost physically force myself to sit down and pay attention and eliminate distractions. It is difficult. It is very easy to get distracted by about 5,974,908,750,948 different things at any given moment. I struggle to prioritize the things that are actually fruitful and exchange them for things that are easy or instantly gratifying. I also struggle with deciphering between Urgent and Important. If you’ve never looked up this matrix before, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you can properly implement it, you will do much better at getting the business done. Then teach me how!!!

I know this email isn’t really real estate related but it is absolutely something that entrepreneurs of any kind struggle with. You want to do ALL of it, and it ALL seems important and urgent. It truly isn’t. Good luck out there!!



Originally published on March 6, 2023.