Big Ol’ Slice of Cathartic Cheese

J. Harmon Home Team

One of my favorite books is “Who Moved My Cheese.” I think folks should read it every couple of years and spend some time investigating their cheese. Business cheese, relationship cheese, kid cheese, whatever kind of cheese you have in your life. Letting your cheese get moldy makes for an eye-opening experience. All of a sudden (it seems) your previously aromatic and delicious cheese is now moldy and stinky–or–gone. It happens to all of us. Once the cheese goes bad, it is nearly impossible to freshen it up. You have to toss it out and buy a fresh pack. This can be a very painful process. It can also be cathartic. It can also be the only way to get to better cheese. 

A few words of wisdom:

Sniff your cheese often to see if it is still good.

Don’t be in denial when you see the cheese start to mold.

Be open to a completely different variety of cheese.

Don’t be afraid of losing cheese. It can be good for you to lose it if the cheese is bad for you.

Bad cheese molds good cheese. Don’t let bad cheese linger.

What kind of cheese do you have lingering around? What are some ways you have found to keep your cheese fresh and invigorating? What do you do when you find a spot of mold? I’d love for you to share with me and I can share with everyone through our FB page. 

Published May 3, 2023.