Being a Diplomat

Hi. You might know me or you might not know me. I am Michelle Reeves, J. Harmon Home Team’s fearless  Ops Boss®. I am the glue holding the team together and I am also a top level chaos juggler. (The “Chaos Juggler” title was given to me by one of our teammates, by the way.) While I love, love, love my job, I also serve as a Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Diplomat. 

“What is a Diplomat?” you may ask. A Diplomat is a selected member of Rutherford County applicants who are respected by their peers. Diplomats attend events, and represent our wonderful Chamber. We are the conduits for the goings-on in RuCo. We are also connectors of people. As Jonathan Harmon often says, “I am the ‘I know a guy’ guy.”

We do ribbon cuttings. Boy, do we do ribbon cuttings! The ribbon cuttings for businesses in our county are steps above the others. To some folks, this might sound boring, but it isn’t. It is fun to get to be part of the beginning of the multiple new businesses in our county.

When I was walking (skulking?) through my teen years, I never thought, “Wow. I want to be a Chamber Diplomat when I get old(er).” I am certainly glad we get to mature through our lives. Doing better for ourselves and our community is rewarding.

I have yet to mention my Diplomat family. At first, my ambiverted self was hesitant to jump into the Diplomat pool. My nerves were jangly and my head was full of questions. I thought about giving it up because, you know, I am just plain ol’ me. What difference could I possibly make in a group of respected people like my fellow Diplomats? I am elated to have stayed with this. I love being a small piece of this great group of folks who champion our community and hold each other up while staying in the know in RuCo. 

If you have questions, or would like to know more, please reach out to me at or at 615-512-7743.

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