Be Impeccable with Your Word

I have been struggling a little bit this week with what to write about. I just finished reading “The Four Agreements” and found it to be a little weird but very insightful. Agreement number 1 is to be impeccable with your word. It doesn’t exactly mean what you might think. I took the following away from it and I am pretty dang horrible about it sometimes. 

Being impeccable with your word is to realize the immense power your word has over people. When you breathe it out into the world, you speak out a spell (the book’s term). It can be black magic, white magic or break a spell. Bottom line, if you say negative things you breathe into the world negativity. Oftentimes this habit of speaking black magic is rooted in an inner problem. You believe that thing about yourself and so you breathe it onto others. 

Being impeccable with your word also means that you use your words to know yourself better. (this gets into the 2nd agreement which is don’t take things personally). Words have power. Inner dialogue has power over you. This is not some kind of self affirmation thing. This is deeper than that. If you have an insecurity and then some random person or a friend (even worse) confirms it, then it tends to become self fulfilling. Being impeccable with your word means not reaffirming negative things on people and not onto yourself. YOur mind is so powerful it creates the story you tell yourself. You can craft your reality with your word. YOur happiness is up to you and it all starts and ends with your use of the word and the story you tell yourself. It is reaffirmed with the words you absorb from others. You can only control you so you must be impeccable with your word. 

Finally, impeccability of the word is to realize that the word creates. It can create Heaven on Earth or Hell. The word is you. You are the messenger. You have the power to control the words in you and the words you breathe out. Impeccability is understanding this and then acting accordingly. When you understand how powerful the word is, you understand how much power you wield just with off hand, seemingly inconsequential, statements or remarks. You can’t know the insecurities people are struggling with so you have no idea what you are reaffirming. 

This is such a basic view of words that it almost seems rudimentary. But I am guilty of NOT being impeccable with my word and I know that I have created personal hells for people. I also know that a lot of the hell that lives in me is because I have not been impeccable with my own inner dialogue. I have created much of my own personal hell. I will write about the other agreements in the coming weeks. If you haven’t read it, do. It is short and simple. It is a little on the mystic side of things but not too much. I enjoyed it with an open mind. 

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