A Minute or 2 with Jeff About Fall Break

Jeff: Hey, welcome. Welcome to A Minute or Two with Jeff. And once again, I’m Jeff. Today, we are going to talk about fall break. I know, I know, I know, but just hear me out, hear me out. Fall break can be a fun time and a way to recharge your home. That includes parents, students, and frankly, anybody for that matter. As you know, this year has already started off kind of rough for teachers and students, so let fall break be that perfect time to really just enjoy your family and enjoy that bonding, and really get back to really just enjoying family time. So this fall break, what I want you all to do is possibly go to the movies, with your mask, of course, possibly go to a park, do a hike, or even better, do something at home that you can just enjoy as a family, whether it be a game night or anything like that. So, don’t let fall break stress you out, fall break can still be a fun time for you and your kiddos as you all just recharge and get ready for that next part of the break. Last but not least, a little known fact for this month, Hispanic Heritage Month started on September 15th and goes through October 15th. This is something that our country celebrates every single year as we give credence and just show all the achievements and how Hispanics make a difference within this country. So if you know any Hispanics, of course, if you have any Hispanic friends or anything like that, this will be a perfect time to just tell them, “Thank you for the contribution that you have done for this country and everything you continue to do for us.” Once again, that’s A Minute or Two with Jeff. Talk to you next month.

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