5 Things You Want to Buy From Quinn’s Mercantile in Murfreesboro, TN

Jonathan: Hey, friends. So this is a new feature to our newsletter and it is who should you know? Right? It’s not about what you know. Sometimes it’s about who you know. So if you want to be popular in Rutherford County, you’ve got to know about Quinn’s Mercantile. This is the best gift shop in the county, probably in the mid-state. I’m going to go ahead and just say it. So I’m going to show you just real quick a couple of my favorite things. So number one. You need something expensive? These Hammond’s chocolate bars are delicious. This is my favorite one, midnight snack. They’re almost always out of it. I got the last one. I’m probably going to keep it. Don’t tell Tracy. Next are Blue Q socks. You can get these online, but why would you want to wait for them? They have them all hanging right here. So here’s some of my favorites. “Reasonably good guy.” That’s me, yep. And, “A seventh grader for life,” also me. Who doesn’t love a good flatulence joke? And how about this one, “Here comes cool dad.” Yep, that’s me. So they’ve got men’s and women’s of these. Next thing. This is a little bit more serious. It’s very cool, though. These vintage puzzles. They’ve got a lot of really cool prints, and they’ve got the old periodic table and all kinds of fun stuff on these. All right. Going real fast here. It’s overwhelming to go through the store. That’s why we’re out on the porch with a couple of things. So one of my favorite light reading books. Actually, I’ve never read it, but it’s hilarious, How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. So this is a very important thing if you have cats and guns in the same house. Do I really need to talk to my cat about abstinence, for example? Once my cat truly understands evolution is a lie, their soul is safe, right? So lots of fun stuff. And how about this one, “Who is This Moderation We’re Supposed to Be Drinking With?” This is a great conversation piece at your next cocktail party. Lots of Dolly stuff, so, “What Would Dolly Do?” This is the handbook to being more like Dolly, which is something everybody needs. And then some fun tea towels. Look at this one. It says, “Medium Chunky Salsa,” and it says, “Me, too, salsa. Me, too.” That’s me. And they also have a ton of local stuff. So Marcy Jams, for example. This is the strawberry habanero, and they’ve got a whole case full of that. Next thing we’re going to show you, not here, but we’re going to take you to another organization that you need to know, which is the Rutherford County area Habitat For Humanity. And we’re going to get some clips there and tell you all about what’s going on with Habitat, because there is some cool stuff going on with them right now. So hope you enjoyed it. Check out Quinn’s Mercantile. We’re on the corner of North Spring and East Lytle. You’ve got to come here. This is the perfect place for you to buy a gift for the people you don’t know what to buy. All right. Talk to you in a minute.

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