03/23/2023 Collaborator Spotlight-StretchLab

As you all know, we honor a special teacher and an everyday hero each month. We do this for several reasons. One, we like knowing who is making a difference in our community and sharing that with more people. Two, we know that most of the time, that person is not recognized as much as they should be. What you may not know is that each recipient gets a really great gift basket chock full of wonderful items. 

New to our Collaborators this year is StretchLab-Murfreesboro, a Veteran-owned franchise, located on Thompson Lane. If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself “What does StretchLab do exactly?” Here is the answer to that question directly from their website:

If you haven’t had an assisted stretch before – prepare yourself for a great time! Your Flexologist will greet you and discuss your current flexibility, any injuries that you may have and walk you through your session. Stretches are performed on one of our custom designed benches. Your stretch won’t be painful, but your Flexologist will communicate with you throughout your stretch to gauge your comfort level. It’s best to wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in. People wear workout clothes, gym shorts, yoga pants, T-shirts, etc. Jeans and slacks tend to restrict your mobility, so we suggest not wearing those types of materials. We require grip socks for your safety and hygiene. If you don’t have any, we sell a great selection at the studio!

When you have the time and the need for a professional stretch, please schedule a bench via their website at StretchLab Murfreesboro | Stretch Studios, or by calling 615-575-3080. 

Upcoming J. Harmon Home Team Events:

3/27/2023 Pitch Practice – Pitch Practice (rutherfordchamber.org)

4/3/2023 Real Estate Investing 101 – https://forms.gle/ggDM5jENUwZNr6w17

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